Stuff I Made: Transformers Wub Machine Remix

You know what’s a fun movie? Transformers the Movie from 1986, otherwise known as the only good Transformers film, which is pretty sad when you think about it but that’s another time. Admittedly, the best things about this 90-minute Hasbro ad were Vince DiCola’s synthesized score and its soundtrack, which was the 80’s hair metal mother lode (with a little Weird Al to spice it up, I guess). Using Wub Machine, the automatic remixer app that converts your songs into dubstep, drum ‘n bass, and electro house remixes, I have created a house version of Lion’s rendition of the Transformers theme. It drags a bit in the middle but it really kicks up the energy near the finish! Hope you enjoy it!

Stuff I Dig: Ken Fitzpatrick Live Rap Sho

I’ve got a pretty cool family to say the least! For instance, my older brother Ken is a bit of an entertainment jack-of-all-trades. Music, video, photography…you name it, he can do it! Here’s my brother’s rap show from March 12th of this year. This is one of my favorite performances I’ve seen from him (and I ain’t just saying that ‘cuz we’re blood). If you dig this, then check out more of his outstanding work at his site and don’t miss his upcoming show on August 30th!

Welcome to my world!

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Fitzpatrix! Here’s my space where I can post and share my personal favorite pictures, videos and stories gathered from my many journeys (if the definition of ‘journey’ is ‘random anecdotal incident from trips and conventions’). I’ll also post my own hobby-related projects and tips that are guaranteed to make you smile (or laugh, think, scream, whatever)! I hope you enjoy my content and, as always, KYHU and LYHD (Keep Your Head Up and Let Your Hair Down)!