Stuff I Dig: Cape Rear 2

Here’s one of my favorite sketches from one of the most groundbreaking sketch comedy shows of all-time: In Living Color! Call me crazy but out of all of the most hilarious sketches on the program, this one, featuring Keenen Ivory Wayans as Arsenio Hall and Jamie Foxx as Eddie Murphy in a spoof of the Martin Scorsese 1991 remake of Cape Fear, stands out as my favorite.

Highlights include:

  • Jamie Foxx’s impression of Eddie Murphy’s impression of Bill Cosby
  • the fact that they referenced Amazon Women on the Moon
  • “Have you ever tried kissin’ Diana Ross? The hair moves while ya reachin’ for the lips, Eddie!”
  • Eddie threatening Arsenio with the overwhelming wrath of Joe Piscopo

Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to party all the time. Party all the time…

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