Geek Chic: 5 Things for Your Next Fan Con

Interested in attending fan conventions? Make sure you’re prepared for anything at the show. Here’s some con supply advice, courtesy of C. Diva at the Collective Blog!


The Collective Bloggers are back in their respective countries, but after SDCC, all I can think of is the next con, how to make it easier on myself. After 4 very intense days in San Diego, I realized a) I packed way too many clothes to go to SDCC and b) there are a few necessities that each con-goer needs to make it through a day (or four) at the local or not-so-local fan convention.

1) A refillable water bottle and snacks

Food is expensive and lines are long. Do yourself a favor and bring a refillable water bottle and something to munch on whilst in line. Bring along granola bars, pretzels, Red Vines; whatever you can fit in your gear and preferably, something you don’t mind sharing. Making friends in line via food can be key when you need to take a potty break and dip out of line for the bathroom…

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