Preserve the Unusual Nature of the State Capital of Texas

Over the weekend, I visited Austin, Texas to visit my hardworking and kind older brother Sean, his lovely wife Dana, and their 4 adorable dogs (from left, Tut, Osiris, Sheba and Farouk)!


The highlights of my trip include:

  • Attending a series of high school basketball games that Sean helped to officiate. The games themselves were pretty decent although a few great players stood out.
  • Driving down South Congress and visiting various scenic spots like the Congress Avenue Bridge, the SFANTHOR House of Wax, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, and its various food trucks and restaurants.
  • Viewing the long, beautiful stretches of farmland that surround the city and its neighboring suburbs like Round Rock, Buda, Kyle and Pflugerville (where Sean lives).

Overall, my trip was very relaxing, I want to thank Sean and Dana for inviting me to their stunning home and I hope to come to Austin again one of these days.



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