My Top 5 Favorite Star Wars Fan Videos

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens only a few days away, I decided to showcase five of my favorite fan-made videos dedicated to the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

  1. Hardware Wars (1978), written and directed by Ernie Fosselius:
  2. Troops (1997), written and directed by Kevin Rubio
  3. George Lucas in Love (1999), written by Joe NussbaumTimothy Dowling and Daniel Shere; directed by Joe Nussbaum: 
  4. Blackstar Warrior (2010), written by David F. Walker, directed by Matt Haley
  5. Star Wars Gangsta Rap (2000 (original), 2004 (Special Edition)), written by Jason Brannon and Chris Crawford, directed by Thomas Lee

Hope you enjoy them (and the new movie) and may the…well, you know.


One thought on “My Top 5 Favorite Star Wars Fan Videos

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