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“…With my wits, without hatin’, without being bitter, without being mean.”

Thank you for the inspiration, Dick Gregory.

Credit to visionaryproject.

Triumph of Love by Walter Mosley

With Black History Month drawing to a close, I wanted to share this moving lecture from one of my favorite black novelists, Walter Mosley.

An Epic for Our Times

Today marks the 99th birthday of comic book virtuoso Jack Kirby (1917-1994), creator of the Fourth World saga and co-creator of many popular and influential superhero titles, including Captain America and The Fantastic Four.  Here are a couple of videos showing that his real life experiences were just as extraordinary as the characters and events he depicted on the page.

First, here’s a clip from an interview where Kirby details a chilling account of his involvement as a soldier in World War II: 

Finally, here is a clip from the 1987 documentary The Masters of Comic Book Art featuring Kirby discussing his approach to storytelling (with an introduction by Harlan Ellison): 

Under the water where the seaweed grows…

With the Rio Summer Olympics in full swing, I suggest checking out the 1980 animated cult classic Animalympics! Helmed by Steven Lisburger, director of Tron, this film features the vocal talents of Gilda Radner, Harry Shearer and Billy Crystal, as well as the animation work of Roger Allers, Bill Kroyer, and Brad Bird. What was initially conceived as one of two NBC animated specials that would commemorate the 1980 Summer and Winter Olympics was then released as a feature film as a result of the Moscow Olympics boycott. Still, this is a fun but very bizarre picture that almost feels like a psychedelic approach to the traditional squash-and-stretch, Termite Terrace style. One element of the movie that will always hold up is its exceptional soundtrack by Graham Gouldman of 10cc, best exemplified by my favorite song in the movie, “Underwater Fantasy.”

Violet Crown

This Father’s Day, I took my father down to Austin, Texas to spend time with our family and to take a much needed vacation. Like last time, I had a blast but this time, we were able to see even more of the Live Music Capital of the World! If you’re looking for an ideal vacation spot this summer, look no further than Austin! Here are some of my favorite spots that I’ve seen and visited during my trip:

Lastly, my favorite thing about Austin was the friendly demeanor that exudes from its residents and its locations! My father and I enjoyed our vacation and we hope to come back again soon!

Quite Hypnotic…

Captain’s log, stardate 47457.1. Today’s date matches up with the Earth date of June 16th, which is Captain Picard Day! Here are a few ways you can celebrate one of the finest Captains in Starfleet:

  • Watch “Best of Both Worlds”, “Tapestry”, “The Inner Light” and any other Picard-heavy episode.
  • Drink a cup of hot Earl Grey tea.
  • Re-enact this scene: 
  • Ponder why this Frenchman has an English accent.
  • Jam to this: 


My Top 3 Favorite Things About C2E2


Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo


  1. What I love about conventions like this are the opportunities to meet new people and create new connections. Very few conventions help attendants establish such professional and high quality hookups like C2E2. From casual fan meetups to panels featuring experienced authors and artists, there is a plethora of ways to build relationships that can expand your knowledge and strengthen your creative skills.
  2. One of my hobbies is cosplaying and C2E2 is a great place to encounter some of the most clever and innovative costumers you’ll ever see! In this regard, a special mention must go out to the 501st Legion Midwest GarrisonRebel Legion’s Nar Shaddaa Base, and the Nexu Clan of the Mandalorian Mercs. These passionate groups are the Midwestern branches of several volunteer Star Wars costuming organizations that operate with many other related groups around the world. Of course, special mentions should go out to all of the very gifted costumers in attendance, especially the participants of the Crown Championships of Cosplay competition! You can check out some of my favorite costumes from this and many other shows at my Instagram page.
  3. Finally, the most important element of C2E2 is its function as a platform for a diverse array of independent creators and small businesses to find ways to make their voices heard and showcase their works on a wide scale! While distributing products and promoting artwork online is very effective, there’s nothing like interacting face-to-face with individual creators and learning more about what they can do. It’s also a great way to discover rare collectibles and obscure material from more mainstream publishers, thanks to the wide variety of dealers at the show.

Overall, it’s just a lot of fun to attend every year! I’ve made a lot of new friends and connections and I’ve been able to meet people who I would consider to be very creative, friendly and passionate about what they do! I look forward to next year’s show and I hope to see you there!

Preserve the Unusual Nature of the State Capital of Texas

Over the weekend, I visited Austin, Texas to visit my hardworking and kind older brother Sean, his lovely wife Dana, and their 4 adorable dogs (from left, Tut, Osiris, Sheba and Farouk)!


The highlights of my trip include:

  • Attending a series of high school basketball games that Sean helped to officiate. The games themselves were pretty decent although a few great players stood out.
  • Driving down South Congress and visiting various scenic spots like the Congress Avenue Bridge, the SFANTHOR House of Wax, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, and its various food trucks and restaurants.
  • Viewing the long, beautiful stretches of farmland that surround the city and its neighboring suburbs like Round Rock, Buda, Kyle and Pflugerville (where Sean lives).

Overall, my trip was very relaxing, I want to thank Sean and Dana for inviting me to their stunning home and I hope to come to Austin again one of these days.



Geek Chic: 5 Things for Your Next Fan Con

Interested in attending fan conventions? Make sure you’re prepared for anything at the show. Here’s some con supply advice, courtesy of C. Diva at the Collective Blog!

The Collective

The Collective Bloggers are back in their respective countries, but after SDCC, all I can think of is the next con, how to make it easier on myself. After 4 very intense days in San Diego, I realized a) I packed way too many clothes to go to SDCC and b) there are a few necessities that each con-goer needs to make it through a day (or four) at the local or not-so-local fan convention.

1) A refillable water bottle and snacks

Food is expensive and lines are long. Do yourself a favor and bring a refillable water bottle and something to munch on whilst in line. Bring along granola bars, pretzels, Red Vines; whatever you can fit in your gear and preferably, something you don’t mind sharing. Making friends in line via food can be key when you need to take a potty break and dip out of line for the bathroom…

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Welcome to my world!

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Fitzpatrix! Here’s my space where I can post and share my personal favorite pictures, videos and stories gathered from my many journeys (if the definition of ‘journey’ is ‘random anecdotal incident from trips and conventions’). I’ll also post my own hobby-related projects and tips that are guaranteed to make you smile (or laugh, think, scream, whatever)! I hope you enjoy my content and, as always, KYHU and LYHD (Keep Your Head Up and Let Your Hair Down)!