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“…With my wits, without hatin’, without being bitter, without being mean.”

Thank you for the inspiration, Dick Gregory.

Credit to visionaryproject.

Triumph of Love by Walter Mosley

With Black History Month drawing to a close, I wanted to share this moving lecture from one of my favorite black novelists, Walter Mosley.

A Cursory Antiquity of Temporal Lengths

Today is the 75th anniversary of the famed English physicist Stephen Hawking! Best known for his groundbreaking cosmology book, A Brief History of Time, as well as his numerous appearances in pop cultural institutions like Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Simpsons, perhaps the strangest homage to the scientist came in the form of A Brief History of Rhyme, a 2004 album produced by web developer and nerdcore hip hop artist Ken Lawrence under the alias of MC Hawking. Here’s a music video for my favorite track from the album, “What We Need More of is Science”.

An Epic for Our Times

Today marks the 99th birthday of comic book virtuoso Jack Kirby (1917-1994), creator of the Fourth World saga and co-creator of many popular and influential superhero titles, including Captain America and The Fantastic Four.  Here are a couple of videos showing that his real life experiences were just as extraordinary as the characters and events he depicted on the page.

First, here’s a clip from an interview where Kirby details a chilling account of his involvement as a soldier in World War II: 

Finally, here is a clip from the 1987 documentary The Masters of Comic Book Art featuring Kirby discussing his approach to storytelling (with an introduction by Harlan Ellison): 

Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)

Just a reminder that this man is, was, and always will be The Champ.


From the 1984 Mr. T special, Be Somebody… or Be Somebody’s Fool, here’s Treat Your Mother Right!

Happy Mother’s Day!

For the Man Who Has Everything

According to DC Comics lore, Superman‘s birthday is today (at least, that’s one of them considering the various interpretations of the Man of Steel)! Celebrate the occasion by listening to this influential 16-part story arc of the Adventures of Superman radio show, where the Metropolis Marvel (with the Doylist aid of the human rights activist Stetson Kennedy) battles the Ku Klux Klan. Hope you enjoy it!

Stuff I Dig: Smokey Robinson’s “Black American”

Here’s a little something special from Def Poetry Jam in 2004: Smokey Robinson (of Cruisin’ fame, among other hits) laying down some truths about race in America through the magic of spoken word poetry.